Biographical Information
Real Name: Ares
Mentoring: Archie
Originally From: Olympus

Zeus (Father)
Hera (Mother)
Hephaestus (Brother)


Cupid (Son)
Phobos (Son)
Harmony (Daughter)


Ares' Weapon Room
Sword, Armor, Shield, Spear


Engery Blast, Superior Strategist and The Standard Powers and Abilities of a God

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Height: 5'7
Character Information
First appearance: Chaos 102


Ares (Greek: Ἄρης) is the god of war, and a member of the Twelve Olympians, a son of Zeus and Hera, in Greek mythology. Though often referred to as the Olympian god of warfare, he is more accurately the god of bloodthirst, or slaughter personified:

In the SeriesEdit

He is Archie's mentor and Provides the kids with an extensive array of different and ingenious weapons and helps to train them properly in the ways of fighting. While Ares favours armed and hand-to-hand combat, he also understands the art of war and recognizes the importance of tactics and strategy as well as luck in battle. He tends to be short-tempered and arrogant and is depicted as a balding and moustached man in armour. Like his student, Archie, Ares is a warrior with a penchant for not being easy to get along with .


As the God of WarEdit

  • Superior Strategist
  • Weapeonary Mastery

Other Faces of AresEdit

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