Biographical Information
Real Name: Atropos
Species: One of the Three Fates
Originally From: The Underworld
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Eye color: Yellow
Height: 6'1
Character Information
First appearance: Road to Hades
Voiced by: Pam Hyatt

Atropos is one of the three Fates. She has control over the threads of life and chooses to let destiny unfold rather than control it or side with Cronus or the Olympians. She can make ghostly red-hooded spirits (which may or may not be Keres) appear on a whim and can also choose to make herself visible or not to the gods. She has the appearance of a bald woman with a robe that holds the life threads of every living being.

In the SeriesEdit

In the episode Road to Hades she came to takes Jay's soul to the The Underworld, But while running from her,Jay tried to get Hera attention who tried to tell him to hang on, Atropos warned Hera not into interfer and revealed that didn't tell Jay about his fate isn't sealed until he cross to Hade. When she finally captured Jay, he refuse to go with her and she took out the life thread of his friends and tried to kill him herself, However being the good friend of them, he decide to go along. Near the end when she was just about to get Jay to pass the gate, hs soul returned back to his body and Atropos was outraged for losing a soul.

Other Faces of the Three FatesEdit