Bottle Imps
Biographical Information
Real Name: Garry
Species: Bottle Imps


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 6 In.
Character Information
First appearance: Cronus' Flying Circus

True to its name, bottle imps live in bottles. Persephone manages to force one named Gary out of its bottle to help train Theresa's telepathic powers (Theresa managed to make him clonk himself with his own club). Bottle imps are noted for being very stubborn (especially considering Persephone nearly lost her serene personality forcing Gary out of his bottle) and extremely obnoxious, but weak-minded and not terribly smart.

In 'Bad Blood', Gary betrayed the heroes by giving Cronus an invisibility helmet, which Autolycus used to steal many arrows for their god, searching for one dipped in deadly Hydra's blood. When he was discovered, the heroes got him and Autolycus to help con Cronus.

A bottle-imp appeared in Episode 1.23: Cronus' Flying Circus and 1.38: Bad Blood