Brontes, Steropes, and Arges
Brontes, Steropes, n Arges
Biographical Information
Real Name: Brontes
Species: Cyclops

Cronus {half-Brother)
Polyphemus (Decedent)



Physical Description
Gender: Males
Character Information
First appearance: Polyphemus Returns

Brontes, Arges, and Steropes are cyclops and master blacksmiths partially resurrected by Cronus to create a Sceptre more powerful than Zeus's lightning bolts to amplify his own power in exchange for whatever the cyclops wanted. Feeling betrayed for being executed for their blacksmithing services by the gods, they agree so long as Cronus will place them amongst the gods where they feel they should belong. Honor bound and loyal to one another, the cyclops were responsible for forging Zeus' ThunderBolt and Hades' Helmet of Darkness during the Titanomachy. Though they fulfill their end of the bargain, Cronus turns against them and forces them to fight the heroes by trapping Arges when he attempts to defend Polyphemus. After Cronus' scepter is destroyed, all three of them vanish.