Biographical Information
Real Name: Campe
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Character Information
First appearance: Prisoner Kampe
Voiced by: Pam Hyatt
Pauline Newstone

Campe is the Jailer of Tartarus. Her only escapee is Cronus. First planning to use the Chosen Ones as bait, she finally allied herself with them after an embarrassing fight against Jay. She had to choose between capturing Cronus and saving Herry's life. She has a woman's head, torso and arms, the body of a snake and has a live scorpion on her back that can detach itself of her body, and she wields a staff. Her favorite question to ask herself seems to be: "Is my enemy's enemy my friend or my enemy?". Ironically, in Greek mythology, she worked for Cronus.

Campe appears in Prisoner Kampe and Time After Time She returns briefly in Time Enough for Everything, voiced by Pauline Newstone, and makes a cameo in Cronus Keystroke