Cold day in Hades
Season Two, Episode 8
Cold day in Hades
Air date November 4, 2007
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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself


Tantalize This


Its a cold day in Hades when Persephone is trapped by an enchanted chair on her way back from The Underworld. And when she is late for her psychic lessons with Theresa, and when Theresa has a vision, she tells Jay that the strange cold weather is probably due to Persephone being trapped. And the weather gets worse from then on.

The team splits up, Atlanta and Neil go to see Demeter, while Theresa leads Jay, Herry, Odie and Archie to find Persephone in the Underworld. The heroes then discover that its not only winter in the mortal world, but in the Underworld as well.

They find Persephone alive and stuck to a chair, the chair of forgetfulness. But even when Harry tried to pick her up, she was frozen to the chair and unable to be moved. So Odie makes a fire so they can warm Persephone and unattach her from the chair. But they are attacked by ice creatures, sent by Cronus.

Meanwhile, after crashing their snowmobile, Atlanta and Neil find Demeter in her barn, disguised as a cow until she transforms back into a more human form, grieving and weeping. Demeter is heartbroken over the absence of her daughter Persephone. When Atlanta tells her of her daughter in danger, Demeter tries to warm up the planet, but fails as she is still grieving. So Demeter loans her chariot to Atlanta and Neil to take to find her daugher.

Theresa ignores the fighting around her in order to concentrate on Persephone, and her efforts thaw out Persephone and allow her to escape the chair of forgetfulness. She brings an end to the winter and returns to her mother Demeter.

Mythological CastEdit

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