Cronus Vanquished
Season Two, Episode 1
Air date September 9, 2007
Episode Guide
Time After Time


Graes Anatomy

It has been over a year since the team of young heroes first came to New Olympia. A confrontation with Cronus leaves Cronus out cold. Hades himself escorts Cronus to Tartarus. But a vague answer from the Oracle has Jay on edge. And the heroes are somewhat reluctant to leave each other behind.

Not all goes to plan when Cronus traps Hades and Persephone in hourglasses in the Underworld, then summons Thanatos the god of death to his service. He sends Thanatos to attack the heroes, thus Thanatos successfully abducts Archie.

The heroes journey to the Underworld to save Archie, but Cronus is expecting them. He sends Thanatos to meet them, planning to kill them all. So Neil is used as bait for Thanatos while Odie sets the trap. Thanatos is hit by a bent tree and it gives Jay's squad time to find Archie.

Persephone deliberately makes Hades mad, so he grows larger and larger with anger, enough to break out of the hourglass and depose his father. But in the meantime, Odie and Neil are captured by Thanatos and the heroes return Hades' Helm of Darkness after Atlanta uses it to control Thanatos.

The heroes return to their apartment, happy to be back together, but still wondering about what Cronus would do now.

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