Biographical Information
Real Name: Echo
Species: Nymph
Age: 1,000 +
Originally From: Greece

Gaia "(mother)"
Ouranos "(father)"


Narcissus (Unrequited)
Pan "(husband)"


lynx (daugter)


ehcoing voice

Physical Description
Gender: female
Hair color: Blonde
Character Information
First appearance: The Last Word
Voiced by: Maryke Hendrikse

Echo is a mountain nymph who loved the sound of her own voice and would talk incessantly, especially if she got the last word. When her constant chatter annoyed a god, she was punished so that she would only get the last word of others, thus the origin of echoes. Echo fell in love with Narcissus, who rejected her and broke her heart before her body faded away and left only her voice.

Over thousands of years, Echo learned to manipulate sound waves (regaining her own voice in the process, able to imitate other people with more word of her own and powers that have sound), construct a device that can allow her to eavesdrop on others, managed to create another body for herself, and learned how to teleport. The nymph falls in love with and kidnaps Neil (who quickly becomes annoyed of her still talkative nature), but ends up helping him save Jay and the others from Cronus when Neil tells her the defeat of his friends means the end of the world and, more importantly, Neil himself. After the adventure, Echo decides that Neil is too self-absorbed for her tastes and dumps him before he can do the same to her.