Biographical Information
Name: Eros
God: Love

Ares (Father)
Aphrodite (Mother)
Deimos (Brother)
Harmony (Sister)
Phobos (Brother)


Psyche (Wife)


Hedone (daughter)


Love Bow and Arrows


Love Magic

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 4'8
Character Information
First appearance: Bows and Eros
Portrayed by: Terry Klassen

In The SeriesEdit

Eros is God of Love and the son of Aphrodite. He is married to Psyche, the only one he allows to call him Cupid (his Roman name, which he dislikes) as a term of endearment. He appears as a short, slightly-round, balding middle-aged man who lives in the suburbs with his wife and is modeled after Danny DeVito.

Eros has the ability to turn invisible, which allows him to uses his golden arrows to make couples fall in love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Cronus, in a plot to cause strife throughout New Olympia, kidnaps both Eros and Psyche and then fills Eros with hatred before sending the god out with lead-tipped arrows to cause the Chosen Ones to bicker and hate each other. The spell on him is broken when he overhears Theresa and Herry discussing how Psyche remains Cronus' captive and he rushes to save his beloved.

In MythologyEdit

Eros is usually depicted as a young winged boy, with his bow and arrows at the ready, to either shoot into the hearts of gods or mortals which would rouse them to desire. His arrows came in two types: golden with dove feathers which aroused love, or leaden arrows which had owl feathers that caused indifference. Eros would make as much mischief as he possibly could by wounding the hearts of all, but according to one legend he himself fell in love. This legend tells us that Eros was always at his mother's side assisting her in all her conniving and godly affairs. The legend goes on to say that Aphrodite became jealous of the beauty of a mortal, a beautiful young woman named Psyche. In her fit of jealousy Aphrodite asked Eros to shoot his arrow into the heart of Psyche and make her fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. He agreed to carry out his mother's wishes, but on seeing her beauty Eros fell deeply in love with Psyche himself. He would visit her every night, but he made himself invisible by telling Psyche not to light her chamber. Psyche fell in love with Eros even though she could not see him, until one night curiosity overcame her. She concealed a lamp and while Eros slept she lit the lamp, revealing the identity of Eros. But a drop of hot oil spilt from the lamp awakening the god. Angered she had seen him Eros fled and the distraught Psyche roamed the earth trying in vain to find her lover. In the end Zeus took pity and reunited them, he also gave his consent for them to marry.

Other Faces of CupidEdit