Forget Me Not
Season Two, Episode 4
Air date October 30, 2007
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Time Enough for Everything

A woman's ghost crossing the river to the Underworld suddenly forgets who she is when splashed with water. This is the magic of the River Lethe, the river of forgetfulness in the Underworld. And this river is what Cronus is counging on.

Persephone teaches the heroes about The Underworld before sending them back to meet their ancestors. Odie stops Harry and Neil from drinking from the Lethe, Jason keeps the group moving towards the Elyisun Fields to meet the old heroes.

An octpus in the river snatches the heroes, but Archie sees Cronus and causes him to trip into the Lethe, washing away the Titan's memories. But when he tries to save them from the octopus, they are all dumped into the river and only Neil was spared from the water. He alerts them to Cronus, but they abandon him on the other side of the Lethe. So it is up to Neil to save his friends before they reach the Elysian Fields and their memories are lost for good.

With their powers being rediscovered, the group is being thrown into mild chaos. Suspicions are being raised, but the pieces are still only partly there. Meanwhile, Neil trades his shoes and shirt for trips from charon to help his friends. He goes forst to retrieve the flowers he needs to bring back his friends memories, then on to finsing his friends.

Theresa is saved by Cronus, but she doesn't trust him. The group takes a break and starts a fire.Cronus inhales the fire and his memory is restored.And she is the one who first realises that their memories will be gone forever if they cross into the Elysian Fields. Jay trusts Theresa's judgement as she puts more pieces together.

Neil comes with the flowers and Cronus' disposition causes Jay to trust in Neil's words. Jay's memories are returned first, then Theresa's, then they each take a flower and their memories are completely restored.

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