Golden Boy
Season Two, Episode 24
Air date May 16, 2007
Episode Guide
The Deep End


Phantom Rising Part I


While Jay and the others make yet another plan to trap Cronus, Neil leaves his friends to ask a girl out on a date. Because Neil spends the entire time talking about himself, his date leaves in disgust and while he complains that women don't understand him, the god Nemesis appears from a statue of Justice in front of a courthouse and curses Neil with the Midas Touch. At first Neil is excited about his new power, but soon he realises turning everything to gold has consequences.

When Atlanta comes to find him, Neil tries to explain his power but she is too angry at him for ditching the group to listen and forces him to a boat dock where Jay is luring Cronus into a trap. Neil accidentally turns a boat into gold and this tips off Cronus, causing him to set a monster on the heroes. In the ensuing battle, Neil accidentally turns Atlanta, Herry and Odie into gold along with the monster. Cronus takes this opportunity to kidnap the statues of the now-golden heroes and Neil runs away in horror and fear of turning anything else to gold. He turns a fountain into a golden cage to hide in until it occurs to him that the other gods might be able to help him and he escapes.

Unfortunately, Zeus tells Neil that he can't fix his mistake, and also tells him that he is still being selfish by trying to find a way to help himself while his friends still need him.

Neil joins Theresa, Jay, and Archie as they fight Cronus, managing to turn Cronus to gold and apologizes to the others, admitting that this was all his fault. Nemesis considers this confirmation that Neil has learned his lesson and turns all the golden statues back to their original form. As the heroes celebrate, Nemesis warns Cronus against his arrogance, lest she reign her retribution against him next time.


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