Graes Anatomy
Season Two, Episode 2
Air date September 17, 2007
Episode Guide
Cronus Vanquished


Star Quality

Odie has found the Eye, a magical device that can show them where to find Cronus, or anything else they want. So they decide to confront Cronus, who is happily hiding from them on an island.

They break through the illusion and find Cronus' hideout where Cronus is reading a book. A fight breaks out and Archie ends up under a mountain of books. Cronus walks through a protal, pursued by Atlanta, Theresa and Harry. While Hayyr is pinned down, Atlanta and Theresa are forced to fight a sand scorpion. Harry comes to the rescue when Cronus lets him go. But all three are caught in Cronus' quicksand trap, Cronus demands answers, but is denied knowledge of the Eye.

Neil, Jay, Archie and Odie are speperated by fog and subjected to their fears, except for Odie, who is approached by the Grey Sisters. The sisters take back their eye and the illusions are released, revealing  Horror, Dread and Alarm all fighting over the eye. Jay begs them for their help to find Theresa, Atlanta and Harry, so Odie blinds them and grabs the eye.

Flying to the rescue, The foursome find their friends sinking fast under Cronus' watchful eye. Odie comes up with a paln to save them from the quicksand and Harry throws the surfboard at Cronus.

The Grey Sisters arrive for the Eye, and the heroes are thrust back into terrifying illusions.Cronus takes the Eye from Odie and invokes the wrath of the Grey Sisters. Thrusting him into a terrifying battle with a imaginary seven demon heroes. Cronus flees and the Grey Sisters reclaim their Eye from Odie, flying off into the sunset.

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