Biographical Information
Real Name: Granny
Age: 85

Herry (Grandson)


Martial Arts

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Grey
Height: 4'8
Character Information
First appearance: Prisoner Campe
Portrayed by: Peter Kelamis

Granny is Herry's grandmother. An old lady that is very fond of her grandchild and pet dog, Pepe. She appears to be very frail at first, but later shows lot of spunk and energy for a woman her age. Cronus takes her hostage as bait for Herry, and he also reveals to her that her grandson is a hero. She does not seem fazed by the fact and quickly sets Herry to do more chores for her. It was also revealed that she is the one who taught Herry how to fight.


  • Her voice actor Peter Kelamis based her voice off of his own Greek grandmother and was anxious to audition to play her; which he landed the role.