Hephaestus whip
Hephaestus whip
Biographical Information
Formal Name: Hephaestus whip
Created By: Hephaestus

Ares' Weapon Room

Physical Description
Colour: Dark Red
Size: 6 In.
Episode Information
First appearance: Chaos 102

A retractable whip made from the thinnest metal ever forged. At the end of the cord is a small three-pronged grappling hook. It's supposed to be able to cut through anything, but this trait seems to be selective, as there have been times where the cord was grabbed without it slicing through. The handle the whip retracts into seems to have buttons that can activate additional features, such as sending an electrical current through the whip.


Archie's signature weapon, which he received from Ares after his first training session and which is later upgraded by Hephaestus Into an "Adamantine Whip" that is able to hold Gods as well as mortals.

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