Biographical Information
Real Name: King Lycan
Species: Human / Werewolf
Originally From: Arcadia
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Height: 6'2
Character Information
First appearance: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Cronus uses Atlanta's blood to revive Lycan, the old king of Arcadia who was turned into the first werewolf by Zeus. Under a full moon he howls.

When Lycan goes after Atlanta, Archie and Atlanta make a run for it, trying to stalk the hunter that is stalking them. Atlanta's attempts to bring down Lycan are useless and she is forced to retreat. Archie is completely paralyzed by fear and can't bring himself to fight, even for Atlanta's sake.

But Atlanta's terrified voice spurs Archie into action as the other heroes make their way to the battlefield. Archie throws the silver medallion he bought for Atlanta at the werewolf, causing Lycan to disintigrate.