Many Happy Returns
Season One, Episode 20
Many Happy Returns
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Road to Hades


Labour Day

When archeologists discover the first Robots ever built by Hephaestus Hephaestus' Girls , it leads Cronus to Hephaestus' most terrifying creation: Talos. The bronze giant is reconstructed and threatens to destroy an entire island while the robots are taken to a research center at New Olympia.The heroes are having spring break and wishes to visit their homes but Jay insists them to stay. Hephaestus wishes to have the robots back and the heroes goes to the center as researchers. They bring the robots to Hephaestus and have a happy reunion while Theresa is at her home with her Dad. He is very busy and has no time for his daughter, which annoys Theresa. Hermes informs the others about Talos and they leaves for the island. Theresa senses something wrong and thinks it to be a bad dream until Jay contacts her to come back for help. She arrives with Odie in their aircraft the next day while others were getting ready to fight Talos. Their first plan to break Talos' ankle failed and Jay, Atlanta, Archie, Harry and the two robots are chased into a cave. Theresa and Odie comes up with a plan to offer Neil as a fake sacrifice to Talos above the active volcano. Talos is distracted and is after Neil while the robots climbs up the volcano to rescue him thinking he was trapped. Talos gets hold of one of the robot and the other one saves Neil. Odie and Theresa got to their aircraft to work out the plan and drops bombs over Talos, making him and the robots to fall into the volcano. The robots made the biggest sacrifice. The people praised the heroes for saving them from Talos. The team thinks its time to enjoy spring break.

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