Mazed and Confused
Season One, Episode 10
Mazed and Confused 18 group
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Field of Nightmares

When Cronus manages to slip some ancient DNA into a cloning experiment, the heroes have to grab the bull by the horns as The Minotaur run loose in New Olympia's underground tunnel system. To defeat them though, Odie has to get over his claustrophobia and help the others out of a tight spot.


Herry: Hey, guys, check this out: "Mystery Monster Terrorizes City Sewers"!
Atlanta: Yeah, right! And Bigfoot married my alien stepmother!
Odie: It's true, I read it on the internet.
Archie: And we all know internet rumours, are way more reliable than the tabloids!

Archie: Cannibalistic cattle? Sounds like something Cronus would cook up.

Theresa: You're not actually going down there are you?
Jay: No you are. Unless you want to pull me up after I grab the camera.

Neil: (brings out glow stick)
Jay: Where did you find that?
Neil: The bottom of Odie's dufflebag...I landed on it. Ugh, that's gonna leave a mark.

Archie: Atlanta where are you?
Atlanta: (says quietly) Over here...(then yells) WITH THE MINOTAUR!!


  • Odie is claustrophobic
  • Odie being claustrophobic may be reference to how Odysseus was trapped in a cave by Polyphemus.