The Gorgons Sisters
Sibling Rivalry - Medusa II
Biographical Information
Real Name: Medusa
Species: Monsters

Stheno (Sister)
Euryale (Sister)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black Snake
Height: 6'2
Character Information
First appearance: Sibling Rivalry
Voiced by: Pauline Newstone

Medusa is a gorgon and the sister of Euryale and Stheno.

Medusa turns people to stone by eye-contact, the first of whom was originally turned to stone by Perseus.

Medusa was once a beautiful woman but she angered Athena and the Goddess turned medusa and her sisters into hideous monsters. Medusa is the most powerful of the gorgons.


Medusa was awakened and released when her underground lair was cleared by construction workers at the zoo, but she was captured by Neil. Then her sisters, who had been in hiding for thousands of years, kidnapped Neil and demanded for Medusa to be returned to them, though they had no intention of letting Neil go whether the Heroes give them Medusa back or not. The Gorgons began fighting amongst themselves, and Archie and Harry sealed their cave permanently.

Appearance Edit

The gorgons had the appearance of ugly, humanoid women with grey, wrinkly skin and sharp spikes along their arms and legs. Instead of hair, they had venomous, black snakes with different coloured snake stomachs. Their blood is cold and they have golden eyes. The gorgons dressed in greek clothes and had sharp claws. The gorgons each had different coloured clothes and snakes.

Medusa wore red clothes and had grey snake stomachs. Stheno wore red and had bright, robin egg blue stomachs and Euryale wore purple clothing and her snakes had violet bellies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With one glance, the gorgons can turn a person into stone. The spell is permanent but the reflection of the gorgons has no power. Gorgons can speak to their snakes and other gorgons by using telepaty. Gorgons are very strong and could easily break through solid rock with their sharp claws. Gorgons are partially immortal. They can live forever but can still be killed.

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