Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
Season Two, Episode 7
Air date October 28, 2007
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Cold Day in Hades

On a fun trip to Greece, Archie has mischievious ideas. He puts on an old stone mask and tries to scare Atlanta, but ends up on the recieving end when he sees a strange and gruesome figure in the mirror, wearing the same mask.

Archie starts acting strangely, as though he is wary or afraid of everything, even simple things like food. Atlanta teases him by humoring him, but Archie is taking everything all too seriously, delving right into paranoia. But when Cronus appears in a dark alley, Atlanta is the one to run to Archie's rescue, earning a long cut on her arm.

Cronus uses Atlanta's blood to revive Lycan, the old king of Arcadia who was turned into the first werewolf by Zeus. Under a full moon the wolf howls. And at school, Archie frets over Atlanta, annoying her to the extreme.

Archie, infected by fear by putting on the mask of Phobos, son of Ares, the minor god of fear and the origin of the word phobia. And Theresa's visions seem to have no connection to the mask, but to the wolf king, Lycan, and to Atlanta. 

When Lycan goes after Atlanta, Archie and Atlanta make a run for it, trying to stalk the hunter that is stalking them. Atlanta,s attempts to bring down Lycan are useless and she is forced to retreat. Archie is completely paralyzed by fear and can,t bring himself to fight, even for Atlanta,s sake.

But Atlanta,s terrified voice spurs Archie into action as the other heroes make their way to the battlefield. Archie throws the silver medallion he bought for Atlanta at the werewolf, causing Lycan to disintigrate. Archie overcomes his fear and gives the medallion to Atlanta as the team arrive with useful, but late warnings.


  • Neil makes a reference to The Running Man.

Mythological CastEdit

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