Biographical Information
Real Name: Odie
Ancestor: Odysseus
Mentor: Hermes
Age: Season 1- 16
Season 2- 17

High Intelligence


Portable Laptop

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Character Information
First appearance: Chaos 102
Portrayed by: Doron Bell
Valeria Vidali

Odie is introduced as the 6th member of the group. He is the brains of the operation and often figures out what Cronus is up to.


Because of his physical size, Cronus usually mocks Odie by referring to him as "the little one". Since he lacks the more notable of physical capabilities of his ancestor and that of his friends, Odie is often underestimated.

Unlike the other six teenagers, who seem to be Caucasian, Odie is of African descent and bears only slight physical resemblance to his ancestor.


Due to his size and physical prowess he often mocked or looked down upon, causing him to get angry or upset with the others. He is constantly trying to prove himself and show that the strength of the mind is just as strong as the strength of the body. He can get ahead of himself sometimes and tends to explain things in a overcomplicated manner to a point when others don't understand him. He knows he can count on his friends and shows a great loyalty to all them, even risking his life to rescue them.

Powers Edit

Like Odysseus, Odie's strengths lie in his high intelligence, versatility, and craftsmanship. Odie is able to come up with strategies, set brilliant traps, as well as create gadgets for the rest of the team to use in battle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Unlike the other six teenagers, who seem to be Caucasian, Odie is of African descent and bears only slight physical resemblance to his ancestor ,the hair most notably. something that characters tend to take note of; Odie himself remarks in Eye for an Eye that Odysseus' "bloodline is rather diluted" in him. He wears green-tinted glasses, a blue shirt and a red hoodie.

Season OneEdit

Odie is introduced with Theresa as the fifth and sixth teens discovered respectively. Odie's intelligence has been one of the fundamental forces of the heroes's sucess, so much so that Cronus has deemed him a major threat. Evidence by him trying to kill Odie first so that the team would have lost their most brilliant asset and technical genius.

Season TwoEdit

Personal InfoEdit

When introduced, Odie is shown to at least have a moped operator's permit as he had a moped until Chronos's pig destroyed it.


  • Odie's IQ is over 110
  • During many fights in the show Herry refers to Odie as "Little Buddy"
  • Odie is a descendant of Hermes, also. Autolycus, son of Hermes, was the grandfather of Odysseus.
  • Odie is claustrophobic, which may be a reference to how Odysseus was trapped in a cave by Polyphemus.