Season Two, Episode 6
Air date October 14, 2007
Episode Guide
Time Enough for Everything


Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Atlanta and Archie attend a nature protest and find a small green fairy creature collapsed in the woods, mumbling about warning Hera. The Garden of the Hesperides was sick, according to the dying nymph, Hesperides. So Atlanta suggests that Pan could be of help.

Hera sends Archie and Atlanta through Hermes' portal to find Pan in the rainforest. Jay leads Theresa, Herry and Neil to the Garden of the Hesperides to see what the condition of the Tree of Immortality is. They find that the tree is almost dead, and with it, the Gods also fade. The work of Cronus.

Atlanta and Archie try to navigate to the heart of the forest in their attempt to find Pan. They are snatched up by vines and Archie manages to cut them free. Atlanta calls out to Pan and he comes and see them. He frees Atlanta and Archie, asking them about their mission. So they explain to Pan what was happening to the Garden of the Hesperides. They then recieve a distress signal from Odie and take a portal to the garden.

Jay's team infiltrates the garden and are being stalked by Ladon, the dragon. The gods are fading and Theresa senses Ladon's hunger. The heroes are in trouble and Cronus tries to stop them from saving the tree by transforming Ladon into an even more powerful creature. the foursome grapple with Ladon while Archie and Atlanta follow Pan with his plan.

Pan restrains Cronus, but the Titan breaks free and cuts down the Tree of Immortality before disappearing. Jay throws the core of a golden apple to Pan and a new tree grows in the place of the old one. The gods and nymphs stop fading and regain their strength, under the caring eye of Odie.

Pan offers Atlanta a place to stay in the rainforest, but she chooses to go home with Archie instead.

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Mythological ThingsEdit

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