Biographical Information

Ares (Father)
Aphrodite (Mother)
Cupid (Brother)
Deimos (Brother)
Harmony (Sister)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Character Information
First appearance: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Phobos, a son of Ares, is the God of Fear and accompanied the god of war into battle to put fear into the hearts of his enemies. Wearing Phobos' mask infects the wearer with fear of everything around him, though the curse can be broken if the person is able to overcome their own fears. Images of Phobos haunts those who have been cursed by the mask.

While the herose are vacationing in Greece Archie tries to scare Atlanta by wearing the Mask of Phobos. Instead of scaring her however he ended up being cursed by it. Throughout the episode Archie would see Phobos's image in a reflective surface (most of the time it was simply shown in the mirror).

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