Polyphemus Returns
Season Two, Episode 16
Polyphemus Story II
Episode Guide
Recipe for Disaster


Cronus 2.0

When Cronus calls upon three dead cyclop relatives to create a weapon of great power that will increase his influence over time, Polyphemus is found wandering around their ancient caves. Yes, that's right, Polyphemus lives, but is blinded and has to wear the Eye of the Storm in his eye socket to help his sight. When Polyphemus discovers Cronus' plan, he sends a message to Odie and the rest of the team but it captured by Cronus soon afterward. Suddenly, it's up to the seven heroes to save their friend and destroy the one weapon that could lead to their defeat.


Brontes and his brothers are ghosts because they were killed by Apollo as his vengeance for the death of his son Asclepius (god and forefather of medicine); actually, it was Zeus who killed Asclepius, because he was bringing death for life, but since Apollo couldn't fight his father at the moment, he decided to kill the smiths of the thunderbolts instead. Thus, the Cyclops ghosts have justification for working with Chronus against the Olympians - Zeus and Apollo started it first.

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