Star Quality
Season Two, Episode 3
Air date September 23, 2007
Episode Guide
Graes Anatomy


Forget Me Not

Cronus summons forth the power of the stars to send after Olympia's heroes, and brings Orion down from the skies.

Neil is at a photoshoot in a burger joint when a girl approaches him. Her name is Cassie, and she is an intern for a TV show. She tells Neil that she saw him on a diaper commercial and thinks that he is star quality. She then tells Neil that she wants to profile him. He agrees, and leaves the shoot for the burger joint. She also wants to meet his friends and get their views on Neil for a full report. He brings her to meet the heroes and completely disregards their secrecy. Jay resists being on camera and Atlanta and Archie go off on a hunting competition, with the loser buying two large pizzas.

Their game is interupted by the star being, Theresa senses its prescence and the girls catch sight of it before it goes after Archie. So the boys ditch Cassie to go help Theresa and Atlanta look for Archie. Theresa's powers lead them to the star bowman whose belt is adorned with three stars. The man disappears just as Cassie sees the situation. Archie also reappears, to Atlanta's delight, completely unharmed and having no idea what happened to his friends.

The team splits up to track down the bowman, Orion, and to catch Cassie and wipe the tape and her memory. Meanwhile, Cronus sets Orion after Atlanta for revenge on Artemis.

Orion catches Cassie in the woods, while the heroes are on her trail. Harry takes on Orion in an effort to sve Cassie, Archie and Theresa try next, but Orion's target is Atlanta. She outruns all the arrows he shoots and makes him chase her through the woods. She refuses to sell out Artemis, but shows him the engagement gift and explains Artemis' mistake. Orion sends his well-wishes to Artemis and returns to the stars.

The heroes rescue Cassie and Theresa wipes their identities and special abilities from their minds. Cassie runs away from Neil and Atlanta learns her lesson about accepting every challenge people put to her.

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