Sybaris Fountain
Season One, Episode 24
Sybaris Fountain
Air date May 10, 2006
Episode Guide
Cronus' Flying Circus


The Last Word

Taking advantage of the bad blood between her and Hera, Cronus frees Sybaris, Queen of the Vampires! Sybaris may not be able to kill the immortal goddess- but seven teenage heroes are certainly something she can sink her teeth into. And so she lays a trap to snare them.

After charming and trapping Harry, Sybaris unleashes her children to destroy the heroes. Jay is trapped inside a mausoleum with Harry and Sybaris while the rest are left to deal with the flying bat-like creatures that are swooping over their heads with an arsenal of vampire killing weapons that Neil gathered after seeing every vampire movie in existance. Hera herself goes to confront her old enemy in order to save her heroes from the wrath of Sybaris.

A battle between Hera and Sybaris goes unresolved. A decisive strike by Jay ends the vicious antics of the ancient vampire.

Mythological CastEdit

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