Season Two, Episode 18
Air date April 4, 2007
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Cronus 2.0


Like a Rolling Stone


It starts off with Jay and Neil Christmas shopping at the mall. Jay tries to explain to Neil that he shouldn't be selfish and get things for others. Jay is excited to see a shirt that he thinks will be perfect for Zeus. Neil says he doesn't need anything but Jay says it's the thought that counts. While Jay goes into the store to buy the shirt Neil sits down and complains as usual and a goat in the petting zoo begins to speak to him. At first Neil jokes and asks if this is a prank but the goat reveals herself to Amalthea, the caretaker of Zeus when he was a baby and protecting him from Cronus. Neil gets an idea and calls up Zeus on the PMR.

Zeus is hanging a mistletoe with Hera when Neil tells him about his old nanny and Zeus immediately teleports to the mall. Zeus says that it was not Amalthea. All time stops and Amalthea turns into Cronus, who was in disguise to draw Zeus out. They both disappear and time starts back again.

Back at the school the kids and Gods meet to try and find him. Archie insults Hera's power and she turns his head into that of a donkey. She turns him back and apologizes. Jay thinks of a way to get him back: Amalthea's Cornucopia, a item that can grant any wish. Hera shows concern and explains that it is in the hands of Fortuna, the goddess of Good Fortune and Luck. Hermes adds that when you deal with you put your fate in her hands. They all agree Neil is the best to go on this mission, Jay adding himself.


Neil in briefs underwear

Neil nervously showing his briefs in The Game Plan

  • This episode has Neil nervously showing the group that he wears red briefs.
  • This episode features the 4th magical aging, this time Neil turning into a baby
  • This the 3nd holiday episode
  • Fortuna is actually the Roman Goddess of luck, not the Greek. Her Greek name is Tyche.
  • The baby on Fortuna's wheel of fortune is actually Jay's baby apparence.

Mythical CharactersEdit

Magical ItemsEdit

  • Amalthea's Cornucopia
  • Fortuna's Wheel of Fate
  • Magical Chessboard
  • Trunk Pistol