Biographical Information
Real Name: The_Oracle
Species: Centaur
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: bald
Eye color: White
Height: 5'8
Character Information
First appearance: Chaos 101

The Oracle is an old bald man with strange glowing eyes, usually concealed with sunglasses, who can foresee the future and has been alive for about four thousand years, during which he's never once made a mistake. He is obligated to give such information to those who request it. Cronus consults him to find out who or what stands in his way for world domination, and the heroes talk to him to discover Neil's location prior to the team coming together completely. He usually sits by a magazine stand in the streets of New Olympia. Given his strange eyes and his gift of prophecy, he may or may not be a reference to Teiresias, the blind prophet of Zeus. He likes sushi, drinking coffee, and thinks he looks like a bald cat. Though his appearances were limited to Chaos 101-103 and 1.26: Time After Time in season 1, he becomes a recurring character in season 2, usually approached by Theresa whenever she begins to doubt her psychic abilities