Time After Time
Season One, Episode 26
Episode Guide
The Last Word


Cronus Vanquished

It's New Year's Eve and Cronus' powers are at their peak! Though he sure puts a damper on the heroes' party by killing Odie, Jay finds a way to go back in time and saves their friend during the battle with the Manticore. Not to be outdone, Cronus goes all the way back to the Titan war and changes the outcome for the worse.

The Seasons send the heroes back to the Titan War to prevent the Titans from winning. The heroes follow Zeus and Hera back to their camp and are sent to Tartarus to bring the Cyclops to Zeus. With the help of the heroes, Zeus and Hera plan their strategy against Cronus.

When the plan backfires, the young heroes confront Cronus in order to save Zeus. They give Zeus the opportunity to gain the upper hand and defeat Cronus with a barrage of thunderbolt strikes. Cronus is banished once again to Tartarus and Zeus sends the heroes back to the twenty-first century.

Mythological CastEdit

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