Time Enough for Everything
Season Two, Episode 5
Time Enough for Everything
Air date October 7, 2007
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Forget Me Not



The heroes explore an old temple where Theresa says she sensed Cronus. The temple of Prometheus was left in the care of one fo Cronus's giants, which Archie handled easily while Odie came up with an unneccesary plan. The giant was delivered to Campe and she in turn gave the heroes information on Cronus' objective, but she knew nothing about the Tablet of Prometheus.

Odie agreed to research the importance of the tablet, so he explores Zeus' supply cabinet, looking for a timepiece. Once he finds it, he amuses himself by messing with Hermes. He provides his friends with a list of all the temples built in honor of Prometheus, a list of locations that Cronus would undoubtedly search.

When they find one of Cronus' giants with the tablet, Odie freezes time and doprs a pillar on the giant after rtrieving the tablet. His friends are a bit perplexed, but are grateful for his help in retrieving the tablet. Unknown to them, that tablet is a fake, planted by Cronus. The real tablet, with the secrets of creating humans on it, is still out there.

Before being deployed to check out a temple, Odie uses the timepiece to speed through one of Jay's extensive lectures on his and Archie's behaviour. Jay then drags them through the portal to check out a temple.

Archie discovers that Odie has been using a device,but the two of them stop time and when it resumes, Cronus appears with stone golems and the Tablet of Prometheus. Arcie foolhardedly thinks that stopping time will affect Cronus and it leads to Cronus gaining the upper hand.

The teams are trapped and captured, Jay is turned back in time, becoming younger and younger until he disappears from existance. He reveals his plan to turn back time to before humans existed, so that he can create a species that would only worship him.

Odie and Archie escape and begin aging rapidly, trying to retrieve the timepiece of the past. Odie finds the timepiece and intends to destroy it. together, the two of them destroy the timepiece and return the world to its rightful timestream. And Cronus ends up with the tablet with the recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

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